I’ll Show You How to Start & Build a Successful Web-Hosting Business

My name is Ian Franzen and I live in New York City. Here’s a photo of me and my dog.   I run a successful web-hosting business called College Web Pro that I started myself, from scratch, with no formal technical training.

I was a Philosophy major (Hampshire College, 2008) who graduated into the great recession and had no idea what to do after I finished school. After working at a convenience store, then for the FAA, I started my business out of necessity when I realized that I didn’t ever want to work for anyone else.

I knew that I needed a steady, reliable income, something I could do remotely, and something where I could work for myself. I’m a bit of a communist and didn’t like the idea that I’d spending my day working hard for someone else so they earn a profit from my labor. I fell into web-hosting by accident.

Web hosting = Passive Income

Many people who run this own hosting businesses are often too busy to show others how to do it, and they don’t want to share secrets with a competitor. But if you sign on with me I’ll break the process down for you step-by-step.

I’ll assume that you know nothing about web-design or web-hosting. From picking out a business name to getting your first 10 clients, I ‘ll show you how to turn your business into an income generating machine.

Installation of core software

Software to help you manage your web-hosting business, bill clients, and provision new hosting accounts.

Cron task automation setup

A daily cron task will bill your clients, suspend delinquent accounts, send reminder notification emails, and much more.

Domain registrar setup

By linking a domain registrar via API your customers will be able to register & renew their own domain names.

Payment gateway configuration

A linked payment gateway will allow you to process customer payments on a monthly or yearly reccuring basis.

Website building training

I’ll show you the process I use to quickly & efficiently build small business & non-profit website.

Finding new clients

I’ll show you how to market your business, find clients, and close the sale on new web-hosting accounts.

Customer service 101

Amazing customer service is what keeps clients around instead of going with someone else who’s slightly cheaper. I’ll show you how I retain clients.

Setting up an LLC

I can’t offer legal advice but I can share with you how I set up my own LLC to keep my business separate from personal accounts and protect from liability.

Scaling your business

After you get setup I can show you can grow your business in order to replace a full-time income or get it ready in order to flip it to a buyer for a tidy profit.

My guarantee

If you sign on with me, I will provide you with the tools and training that you need to go from absolutely nothing to your first 10 clients. I’ll help you sign them up myself at $9.95 per month so that your business is earning $99.95 per month.  If your business is not earning $99.95 net revenue each month after you sign on with me I’ll refund your entire consulting fee.